PoliSciFi Radio Episode #150

This past weekend, I was a guest on the Poli-SciFi Radio show, along with Bill Simmon, Steve Benen and Gerry Canavan. I got to geek out about the demise of the space shuttle and what it means going forward, while we also talked about some of the recent things in television and film. Here’s the shownotes:

ZOMG! 150 episodes! Continuing our tradition of having special guests join us on our big-numbered episodes, we were joined in the studio this week by blogger, smarty-pants academic, and friend-of-the-show, Gerry Canavan, and by writer and historian, Andrew Liptak. Check out Andrew’s recent io9.com article about the future of American spaceflight here.

Pre-show notes follow after the jump.

Original air date: 7/10/11
Total run time: 1:56:50
File size: 56.1 MB

Discussion topic: Gerry’s class (definitions of SF)
Discussion topic: future of human spaceflight

Torchwood: Miracle Day
Game of Thrones season finale
Game of Thrones casting news
True Blood returns
TNT’s Falling Skies (already renewed for a 2nd season)
Green Lantern struggles
Transformers 3 opens (Bill LOATHED it)
Starz canceled Camelot
Are Bill & Emily watching Fringe yet? (I figure I’ll just keep asking)

Full episode can be listened to here.