Borders To Close

Yesterday, Borders announced that they were liquidating all assets, closing down for good, spelling the end for both locations in Vermont: the Church Street Borders and the University Mall’s Borders Express. The ailing company’s 399 remaining stores will be shuttered by September, presumably selling off their remaining stock and closing down.

As sad as it is, the writing has been on the walls over the past couple of years, as Borders, once the largest chain bookstore in the United States, made a dramatic plunge, closing stores amidst a harsher retail environment. The layoffs will number all of Border’s 11,000 employees, nationwide, with one less bookstore for authors to sell their books from.

I’ve bought many a good book from Borders, and the news is sad: I’ve spent hundreds of hours in that store. Church Street has steadily lost bookstores over the years, with only Crow remaining, right across from the store. Hopefully, someone will find space for another good store with a good selection in the future.

Looking for a place to go to get your books now? Consult our list of Vermont Bookstores, here.

One thought on “Borders To Close

  1. Robin Laws reminds us that the liquidation of Borders isn’t just the loss of a place to buy books. It’s 11,000 people out of work and rippling circles of knock-on effects as invoices go unpaid and other retailers see the effect of shoppers taking advantage of liquidation sales.

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