Fossil Hunting in Vermont

I worked at YMCA Camp Abnaki for a number of years, and while there, I found that it’s loaded with fossil fragments. By all accounts, the most abundant that can be found there is the fossil Triarthus, a type of Trilobite from the Odrivician era. I’ve found others around the area, and other types of fossils from around the state, in the Champlain basin (not the mountains, with their heavily metamorphosed roots.

Digging around, I found a very, very cool website that lists fossil sites from around the state, here:

I do urge anyone who’s interested in fossil hunting to take a look around, but at the same time, to be respectful of private property and of the sites themselves: nothing kills access to places like this than people who can’t see that their actions have consequences: don’t litter, don’t destroy and don’t steal.

3 thoughts on “Fossil Hunting in Vermont

  1. It’s a fact of moderate public knowledge that the Burlington Seahorses are named for the fossils found when building the school. Until I learned that, I always wondered why the school mascot was a creature not found anywhere near Vermont.

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