St. Johnsbury Gaming Club Founded

Over on, St. Johnsbury gamers gather under the rafters of the St. J Gaming Club to create a game-playing gathering of their own. To set themselves apart from the crowd of other game night Meetup groups, the description specifies:

We will not be playing your typical family or strategy games. Surviving zombie apocalypse scenarios, building and claiming castles, planting and harvesting on your budding farm, and reenacting world war battles are some of the many gaming options. From simple and creative family games, to complex and strategic thematic games, we will play many unique genres.

The first meetup of this august brotherhood is Saturday, November 17th at the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum. Join the Meetup group to signal your impending arrival and let others know there are board game enthusiasts in the Northeast Kingdom.

[Tip via Bethany Creaser, mistress of the mighty Border Board Games.]