Board Game Monkey Shines in Derby Line

After their monthly get-together at the Derby Line village hall, Border Board Games updated their blog with a session report for the evening’s board game highlights. Titles that hit the table include: Battlestar Galactica: the Board Game, Spin Monkeys, Tammany Hall, Sentinels of the Multiverse and Dominion.

Here’s how Tammany Hall played out:

As was the case in our previous experience, Dennis and Homer quickly struck a devil’s bargain.  Slippery Dennis was elected the first Mayor of New York only to face slander from every direction over the corruption of the worst police chief the city has ever seen (Homer).  Tricky Dick served the next two terms as mayor despite a steadily eroding voter base, swinging a deal with Slandering Sue.

Once again, however, clean campaigning and skillful manipulation of immigrant populations helped the winner, Honest Tim, surge ahead at the polls and in the hearts of the Irish and Italians alike.  Clearly the protestants were not his power base.  despite having lingered in the back throughout much of the game both Tim and Sue rode waves of popularity to surge ahead of the embattled Tammany Hall veterans.  Sue’s surge fell just shy but did enable her to go from a distant fifth to second place behind Tim’s impressive victory.

Border Board Games hosts monthly Saturday game nights at the Derby Line village hall. Visit their website for information on upcoming dates and the ever-growing game library.