Mega Spring Meltdown Offers More Than Ever Before

Green Mountain Gamers updated the event listing for Mega Spring Meltdown yesterday. As it currently stands:

  • Warmachine/Hordes tournament – 35pt Warmachine/Hordes tournament, two lists required. Character restriction applies. No reinforcements or specialists will be used. The top 3 players will win Steamroller coins, and anyone who plays at least one fully painted list will be entered into a drawing for a special prize. Registration begins at 10am, and the tournament starts at 11am sharp. Prize support provided by Triple Play Games.
  • RPG “Extinction” – Call of Cthulhu – 9AM to 5PM – 6 Players – GM James Davenport -”You fight back nausea as you push yourself slowly up to your knees. What happened? Just as you were achieving a victory against horror you are pulled…ripped…to here… The hairs on the back of your neck bristle with danger. This place. It’s not like anyplace on earth. Or is it?”Extinction is a Call of Cthulhu adventure designed with a continuing “revolving door” concept in which players can play for however long they choose, drop out, and even return later to an open seat. The entire game will run for 8 hours (with breaks). No experience is necessary. Summary game information and characters will be provided. Recommended for mature role-players.
  • Netrunner tournament – 1:00PM – Event format: Aiming at a swiss 3 rounds with a final showdown between the top 2. Will adjust according to the number of participants, if needed.FFG tournament rules 1.1 will be applied. Deck format: multiple core sets and all datapacks up to “A study in static” will be allowed. April’s datapack “Humanity’s shadow” will be allowed only if released earlier than April 20th giving at least a complete week for the players to adjust their decks. Cost: free, but must have paid the convention registration fees. Prizes: A total of $50 in gift certificates to winner’s choice of our main FLGS: Triple Play, Book Garden or Quarterstaff… $25 for the winner and a random $25 between the participants that cannot be won by the winner.

Additionally, there is the silent auction as previously reported, with donated board games and a special, one of a kind Doctor Who bag crafted by Green Mountain Gamers’ own Bethany Creaser. A preview picture of the bag — lining to be added — has gone up on the Mega Spring Meltdown Facebook event page, so go head over there to check that out and RSVP to the big day.

Mega Spring Meltdown runs from 10:00am to midnight on Saturday, April 27th at the Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, Vermont. Tickets are $10.50 in advance via Paypal and $15 at the door. Read more about the day’s doings at the Green Mountain Gamers web site.