Rutland… A pop-culture inventory

We’ve talked in the recent past about how Rutland seems to pop up quite a bit in the comic book world. Recently, Peter Parker was spotted down there (working on tackling the drug problems?) and the Rutland Halloween Parade has some neat ties to the comics world. The Rutland Reader has a neat writeup of some of the places in which Vermont’s been home to parts of the pop-culture world:

A sleepy town with a proud history. Once home to the trains of industry and deep quarries of fortune, it’s hills and valleys are still a paradise for adventure seekers and lovers of nature. But don’t let this bucolic burg fool you, true believers! In Rutland, mysteries abound. It’s truly a tale to astonish.
While Rutland’s actual history makes for an interesting read, the city’s fictional past is almost as storied as that of Gotham and Metropolis. The birthplace of heroes and villains alike, Rutland has, over the years, played host to time-traveling airplanes, sinister shapeshifters, interdimensional portals, gods, demons, celebrities, and enough superheroes to fill the Baxter Building.

What follows is an inventory of Rutland’s many appearances in the worlds of comics, television, and film.

Read the full list over on The Rutland Reader.