Green Writers Press Takes Local Approach

Publisher’s Weekly covers a local press here in Vermont: Green Writer’s Press. Here’s the writeup from their website:

Last April, writer, designer, and literary agent Dede Cummings had a dream that convinced her that she needed to do something to improve the environment. As a member of the book industry, that something was launching Green Writers Press, which Cummings sees as a “locavore” publisher—one that publishes locally produced books. She runs it from her home in West Brattleboro, Vt.

To meet her objective of publishing environmentally friendly books, Cummings prints her titles at Springfield Printing, a local family-run press, and uses soy-based inks on paper made from postconsumer waste. Cummings’s first lists cover a wide variety of topics, but her goal is to release titles for children and adults that deal with green subjects. And though many of her authors are from Vermont, Cummings is interested in signing writers who share her vision of creating locally produced books.

Give the rest of the article a read over on Publisher’s Weekly.