Bookstore News: Phoenix Books to Expand to Rutland

While one bookstore closes down, another is opening: The Rutland Herald announced over the weekend that Phoenix Books is set to expand to a third retail location in Vermont, this time in Rutland. There’s no formal press release from the company just yet, but the article notes that the company is exploring three locations on Center Street or Merchants Row.

“We visited the area and found the marvelous historic buildings so charming, the downtown was actually a major factor in why we chose Rutland,” DeSanto said after

walking the area to explore possible locations. “It fits perfectly with the kind of atmosphere we want for the store.”

DeSanto said the new Phoenix Books will have a very similar feel to that of the Essex store.

“Very family friendly, with a large range of books for kids and adults and big chairs that invite people to hang out and read,” he said.

Like their two other locations in Essex Junction and downtown Burlington, this store will be partially financed through a fundraising drive: individuals and businesses can put $1000 forward, with that amount credited back once the store opens. So far, 54 pledges have been made.

The store is expected to open sometime this summer.