Vermont a great place for Geeks. Ranging from forward-looking goals concerning the health of the planet to the vibrant gaming community throughout the state, there are a huge number of things for fans to do.

Welcome to Geek Mountain State, a community blog dedicated to bringing promoting all things ‘geek’ in Vermont. Our aim is to bring the state’s geek community together by promoting and encouraging related activities. We run the Vermont Speculative Fiction Writer’s Series, the Geek Mountain State Book Club, and seek to be the premier source of news and coverage of geek activities and events taking place throughout Vermont.

GMS site was founded by two self-proclaimed geeks over an IM conversation in October 2010 after noting that the range of things which we found interesting. This site is designed to bring all of the news, points of interest and events to like-minded people around this great state.


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  1. Thanks for featuring/promoting events at libraries! What a great blog. We’re always looking for people who want to talk about technology and generally geeking out at our library, get in touch if you ever want to host a program or discussion.

    • Thanks! We’ll certainly keep that in mind – we’re still in our early stages, but it’s something that we’re interested in. In the meantime, spread the word about us, and should you be interested in writing up something about libraries in Vermont, let us know! Geekmtnstate@gmail.com!

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