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Interested in receiving information about the the GMS Book Club, Movie Club or Vermont SF Writer’s Series? Sign up here:

Write For Us

We’ve looking for a couple of people to help (volunteer, at this point) with coverage of the state, specifically in Southern and Eastern parts of the state. If you’re interested in writing, and can write short, concise pieces about geek things in Vermont, let us know!

Tips & Stories

We’re always looking for interesting things to cover and bring to the attention of GMS readers. Do you know of a particularly geeky event, installation, store, game, book, author, or something along those lines? Drop us a line and let us know about it!

Our e-mail is GeekMtnState[at]gmail[dot]com. You can also follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook.


12 thoughts on “Tips, Signup & Contact

  1. Hi Andrew, I’m an Aussie who fell in love with VT on a few trips there. So much so that I’ve written a Sci-Fi/fantasy book set around Putney VT. It’s called DWARG IN THE SEVENTH DIMENSION – THE AGGIE KELLOR EXPERIENCE, a story of an entity from the non physical world. I’ve just put it out as an ebook with and the book goes into print late November. Who knows, it may end up being bigger than Harry Putter, er Henry Potter, er, you know, that little guy with the glasses and broom. May I send you a copy for your perusal? I enjoy reading your blogs and admire your enthusiasm in promoting Vermont (in all things). Regards Tony Lourensen

  2. A public shared Google Calendar would be a great addition to the site. We could add that publicly shared calendar to our own calendars in Google, Outlook, or any calendar tool that works with Google Calendar. Getting a list of events on the day they happen makes it hard to plan in advance for these geek events, so seeing an entire month calendar would be very helpful. You can also embed the calendar into a WordPress page, so everyone can see the event list.

    Thanks for compiling the event lists!

    • That’s something that we’ve considered, but the problem is simply the time that we have avaliable to us, unfortunately. If we can get someone as a dedicated volunteer that can manage it, I think we’d be over the moon.

  3. Hi, cool site! Thanks for your time compiling. I’ve just found this site and haven’t perused it thoroughly yet, so maybe this is on there somewhere. But the Shelburne Museum exhibit on Robots, Rockets and Steampunk (this summer through October 28) is awesome and can be appreciated by folks of almost all ages. Don’t know whether an ongoing exhibit like that should be on every day’s posting, like they do for multi-day events on some calendars, or listed somewhere obvious. I’m sure your readers would enjoy it; Vermonters are half-price, and a ticket bought one day gets you in the next day, as well, if you didn’t have time to see everything.

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