The Playhouse Projector Project

photo-fullRandolph’s Playhouse Movie Theater is one of many movie houses all over Vermont facing the leap to digital projection. As the movie industry phases out distributing films on film in favor of cheaper, more efficient hard drives and digital files, it falls to theater owners to replace their projection equipment in order to screen those films.

The Playhouse is Vermont’s oldest purpose-built movie theater, dating from 1919. To raise the money to convert the venue’s single movie screen to digital projection, they’ve turned to crowdfunding via Kickstarter. Backer rewards include vintage paper 3D glasses, popcorn vouchers and movie posters randomly selected from the last 25.

Visit the Kickstarter page to learn more about the fundraising efforts, of which crowdfunding is only a part, and the people behind the effort.


Spotted in Northfield, Vermont. Trans-video, a local cable company, has updated its image to include digital TV, phone and internet. According to their website, it’s a company that’s been in the same family for 50 years.

From their website:

So how did it all begin?
Well, it was 1951, and word was spreading fast that George Goodrich Sr. and his buddies had found a way to watch the Saturday night wrestling events on TV. Television reception wasn’t available down in the valley of Northfield, so George Sr. drove a milk delivery truck loaded with equipment to the top of a local mountain to receive the far away signal.

It wasn’t long before everyone wanted to enjoy this new type of entertainment. Luckily, George owned the local phone company as well as the poles in town, so he was soon able to begin installing cables to homes throughout the area. With cable television in its infancy, most of the equipment necessary was made here locally as there simply wasn’t a source for this type of electronics.

And so, from such humble beginnings, Trans-Video was born — the first cable company in Vermont. The industry has certainly changed over the years, but our focus on serving the local community has not.

The digital revolution has profound implications for the state of Vermont, and there have been an incredible number of changes across the state when it comes to wiring up the Green Mountains.