Fall-loha Game Day on September 27th

An autumn leaf and the words Fall-loha 2014. Calling all tabletop gamers! Green Mountain Gamers announced their Burlington game day, Fall-loha, takes place on September 27th, at the Best Western Windjammer in South Burlington:

It’s time to say goodbye to summer and Aloha to fall! And what better way to do that than by playing games! So, bust out your favorite games and colorful cabana wear for a day of gaming.

Open play is the name of the game at Green Mountain Game Days. A huge pile of games materialize as people arrive. Then everyone gets to either push their favorite or try something that sounds interesting as it hits the table.

Our game days welcome ALL types of tabletop gaming. Want to play a board game? No problem! Want to run a RPG? Go right ahead. Want to play some minis? Sure! Want to play a CCG? Awesome!

Bring your own games or just show up to play. Join us for the entire day or just for a couple of hours. It is all good.

Green Mountain Gamers events are free and open to everyone. Donations to help cover the cost of space rental, etc. are gratefully accepted. For more information, visit the Green Mountain Gamers website.

Reminder: Game ‘n Grill

Settlers of Catan board.

Photo by gadl. CC BY-SA 2.0

This Saturday, at the Vergennes Congregational Church, Green Mountain Gamers host their annual summer event, the Game ‘n Grill. Entry is free, with donations cheerfully accepted. The Game ‘n Grill has an open gaming format, where everyone brings games to share, and try what others have brought, as well.

They’re not kidding about the grilling, either. The forecast is looking sunny for Saturday in Vergennes, so bring something to throw on the flame.

International Tabletop Day 2014 in Vermont

tabletopday2014_600x500International Tabletop Day 2014 is this Saturday. Founded by the team behind the web series Tabletop, in which Wil Wheaton and his friends show how much fun board games are to the denizens of Youtube. In addition to introducing cool games to new players, the show is a hoot. International Tabletop is a natural extension of the series’ “play more games” ethos, encouraging friends to get together for the day, as well as seeking out hosted events at local game stores, libraries and more to meet new folks and try new games.

In Vermont, we’ve got a few options already on the rolls, collected below for your convenience. If you’re not able to make it out to a public event, host your own Tabletop Day! The official website offers some free downloads to spruce up your event’s venue, including a printable trophy in honor of the one Wil bestows upon — and promptly takes away from — each episode’s winner.


Brap’s Magic offers a slate of scheduled games — Android: Netrunner, Dominion, Magic: the Gathering tourneys in particular — plus open gaming. They’ve also committed to being open for Tabletop Day from 12:01am to midnight.

Quarterstaff Games hosts two Tabletop Day events. At the store itself on Church Street, you’ll find open gaming. At the Holiday Inn on Williston Road, competitive Magic players can join in the fall 2015 pro tour qualifier and Star City Games invitational tournament.


Chaos in the Valley is a brand new tabletop convention, based at the Silas Griffith Inn in the southwest corner of Vermont. The innkeepers, gamers themselves, host a full weekend of tabletop fun at their establishment. Check their Facebook page to find out about registering in advance.


The Fairlee public library offers their own game collection plus snacks, and invites everyone to bring their own games to share as well.


The Winooski public library hosts tabletop gaming from 10am to 5pm on Saturday the 5th.

And that’s just what’s happening in Vermont. For details on events in neighboring states and nations — hi, Montreal! — visit Tabletop Day’s web site for a complete listing.

MEGA Meltdown Game Day

Settlers of Catan board.

The Settlers of Catan. Photo by gadl. CC BY-SA 2.0

Green Mountain Gamers host their annual Spring Meltdown game day, now MEGA-fied, on April 12th at the Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, Vermont. The MEGA Meltdown runs from 9:00 in the morning to midnight on the 12th, giving tabletop enthusiasts from all over Vermont and beyond the opportunity to share their favorite games and try out some new ones. In addition to the usual potluck mix of games people bring, MEGA Meltdown offers the Play and Win library for the first time, populated with games donated by publishers, which will be raffled off to people who play them during the day. A silent auction of donated games and more will raise funds to be donated to the Vermont Foodbank, as well. To find out more about the MEGA Meltdown and the Green Mountain Gamers, you can visit their website. Also, vice president of the club, Alex Clay, recently appeared on Carnagecast to spread the good word.

Your gadabout tabletop correspondent will be there as well, so say hi!

VT Open Game Day for Extra Life

Extra Life logo.Extra Life logo.Vermont gamers are teaming up to support Children’s Miracle Network hospital via the Extra Life charity. On November 2nd, the Platinum Squad hosts a 14 hour game day at the Arrowhead Senior Center in Milton, Vermont:

In addition to being able to donate online, Team Platinum Squad will be hosting an Open Game Day in Milton, VT where, for 14 hours, anyone is welcome to come and play some tabletop games with us: board games, card games, miniatures games and RPGs are all welcome! Along with our team playing some of our favorite games, other members of the local gaming community will be bringing out theirs as well. [ . . . ]

The Open Game Day is free and open to all! We only ask for a small $1 donation at the door which will directly go towards our efforts to reach our Extra Life team goal, though attendees are always welcome to donate more if they wish. We’ll also be holding a charity raffle during the event, loaded with gaming related prizes, donated by our sponsors and local area businesses! More information will be added in the upcoming weeks, so check back often for updates!

The day is sponsored in part by Brap’s Magic, the new game store in Burlington. If you want to donate to the Platinum Squad’s fund-raising efforts, check out their Extra Life page for more information, plus the chance to join in.

Reminder: Fall-loha Game Day Tomorrow in Burlington

A Game of Thrones board game. Photo by François Philipp.

A Game of Thrones board game. Photo by François Philipp.

Tomorrow in Burlington, Green Mountain Gamers host their annual autumnal tabletop game event, Fall-loha:

It’s time to say goodbye to summer and Aloha to fall! And what better way to do that than by playing games! So, bust out your favorite games and colorful cabana wear for a day of gaming.

Fall-loha runs 10:00am to 10:00pm at Christ the King School on Locust St in Burlington. That’s twelve hours of tabletop fun and it’s free, free, free![1]

[1] Donations gratefully accepted, of course.

Green Mountain Gamers Light the Jet on June 15th

The Green Mountain Gamers’ Summer Game ‘n Grill is set for June 15th in Newport, not at all far from the shores of Lake Memphremagog. Green Mountain Gamer events are day-long free-for-alls where players bring their favorite games to share and enjoy. If you’re an old hand, you know what to do. If you’re new, you can browse the offerings until you find something that appeals or ask to join a game on the cusp of commencing. Most players are happy to bring in someone new.

Manning the grill and concessions this year are students from North Country Union High School, raising funds for their exchange trip to Germany. Highlights include “knockwurst, bratwurst (with sauerkraut!), German potato salad, and baked goods.”

Visit the link above for more details on the event.

Last Day to Preregister for MEGA Spring Meltdown

Bethany Creaser of the Green Mountain Gamers reminds us all that Saturday the 20th is the last day to get the preregistration rate for MEGA Spring Meltdown game day at Lake Morey Resort on the 27th:

Tomorrow is the last day to pre-register for the Spring Meltdown. Pre-register to save $5. That $5 will mean you will have more money to use to bid on items at the silent auction.

Dominion_CaseThe silent auction, of course, benefits the Vermont Food Bank. Among the games donated by publishers, retailers and local donors, you’ll also find unique offerings like a custom Dominion storage case, pictured to the left, with laminated dividers and a compiled rulebook covering Dominion expansions published to date.

MEGA Spring Meltdown Game Day is Heating Up

The Green Mountain Gamers’ mega game day, MEGA Spring Meltdown, is now less than two weeks away. Preregistration closes on April 20th, so save yourself some cash.

In addition to the usual open play of a game day, Green Mountain Gamers have organized a Warmachine and Hordes tournament, an Android: Netrunner tournament, a day-long Call of Cthulhu adventure, plus a silent auction to benefit the Vermont Food Bank. Items up for auction include new games donated by Fantasy Flight Games, Asmodee Games, Cool Stuff Inc. and local gamers, too.

MEGA Spring Meltdown runs all day on April 27th at the Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, Vermont. For more details, visit the Green Mountain Gamers’ website. Admission is $10 by April 20th, $15 after the 20th and at the door.

Mega Spring Meltdown Mega-fied

Green Mountain Gamers posted updates this morning expanding the fun at their Mega Spring Meltdown game day, held April 27th at the Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee:

Silent Auction to Benefit the Vermont Foodbank

Event-goers have the opportunity to bid silently on games and game-related accessories to benefit the Vermont Foodbank. Current items for bidding include shiny new games donated by Cool Stuff Inc., Eagle/Gryphon Games and Fantasy Flight Games, plus a “handmade Doctor Who bag” from organizer Bethany Creaser. Green Mountain Gamers is also accepting donations

Every $25 raised provides 150 meals to hungry Vermonters. Bid early and often!

Mega Minis Tournament

Triple Play will host a 35 point Warmachine / Hordes tournament. Players fielding fully painted armies enter a drawing for a special prize, in addition to the top three players winning Steamroller coins. For full details, visit the Mega Spring Meltdown page.

Abyss of Insanity

Area game designer Nik Palmer plans to run his newly published role-playing adventure, Abyss of Insanity, in which the collapse of an antarctic ice shelf triggers an expedition into unknown frozen depths.

[Tip via Green Mountain Gamers.]