2012 Canpocalypse Collects Donations for Local Food Pantry

Over at Triple Play, the friendly local game store in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, Warhammer 40k gamers will gather for the 2012 Canpocalypse tournament on Saturday, November 18th. This tournament is a little different from your every day, year-round variety. At Canpocalypse, the entry fee for this tournament is two cans of food.

See, Canpocalypse rounds up donations from participating players to donate to the local food pantry. Two cans gets one entry into the tournament. Further donations garner players extra perks like units from another codex, up to a super-heavy vehicle. Players are motivated to donate more canned goods as it allows them to field additional or non-standard units.

Like Extra Life, which game stores Triple Play and Quarterstaff Games both participated in, Canpocalypse is a great way of tying the gaming hobby to a charitable cause. Thanks go to everyone who participates — or is motivated to make a donation of their own, player or not — and to Triple Play for putting the whole shindig on.

Ilsley Library Game Day November 17th

Ilsley Library, Middlebury, Vermont. Photo by donshall.

Hot gaming news from Addison County! Over on the Green Mountain Gamers site, Chuck Burkins announced today he and some friends are hosting a game day at Ilsley Library in Middlebury on Saturday, November 17th:

Two friends and myself are running a family friendly game day at the Ilsley Library in Middlebury on Saturday the 17th of November. There will be plenty of familiar games like Battleship, Othello, and Monopoly, but there will also be some more Green Mountain Gamerish games like Catan, Ticket to Ride, or Pandemic. If you’re in the area, come on by. Admission is free. This is not affiliated with the Green Mountain Gamers, just having fun and playing games. It will go from 10AM to 8PM.

People interested in learning more can visit the forum thread on Green Mountain Gamers’ web site, or email Chuck directly.

Carnage Noir Opens for Preregistration

Carnage Noir has opened for preregistration. Convention-goers can download the program book, choose what they’d like to play that weekend and vie to reserve seats ahead of time.

Carnage runs November 2nd through the 4th at the Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, Vermont. The convention hosts all kinds of tabletop games, from the latest and greatest in the trendy Eurogames taking American game-players by storm to old school war games, historical miniatures battles and role-playing adventure.

It was a hoot yesterday, watching my social networks light up with reports of convention books appearing in mailboxes across the northeast. The day the Carnage book hits is a bit like Christmas morning: all sorts of amazing goodies are spread across its pages. By the looks of the book, Carnage is gonna be fun this year!

Reminder: Spring Meltdown Tomorrow!

Spring Meltdown BannerTomorrow, April 21st, the Green Mountain Gamers host their annual springtime game day, Spring Meltdown, at the Lyndonville grange hall. These game days are a great opportunity not only for old friends to meet up and enjoy their shared hobby, but also the curious newcomer to the tabletop hobby to explore what it’s all about. Many people bring their favorite games to share and eager to teach them to interested comers.

Most of what goes on at a game day is pick-up play: someone picks out a game from the selection shared, other people cluster around it in interest and off they all go to play. Dark Tower Gaming will run a pair of Magic: the Gathering tournaments.

Additionally, Dark Tower Gaming will be vending Magic cards and other related items. Triple Play has the rest of the gaming marketplace covered. Triple Play has also kindly donated a mystery door prize, to be won by some lucky attendee of Spring Meltdown.

Spring Meltdown runs from 10:00am to 10:00pm. There is no admission fee, but donations of $5 per person are gratefully accepted to cover the costs of the day. For more information, visit the Spring Meltdown page at the Green Mountain Gamers website.

Winter Weirdness 2012

Tomorrow is Winter Weirdness 2012, the Green Mountain Gamers’ winter game day. Held at the Church of the Good Shepherd in downtown Barre, Winter Weirdness is a full day of pick-up gaming from 10:00am to 10:00pm. Bring a favorite game of your own or sample something from the dizzying assortment of options that inevitably materialize as players arrive.

If you’ve never been to a game day or are just getting into tabletop gaming, rest assured, there are lots of friendly people at these dos who happy to teach newcomers some cool games. After all, the more people you teach to play one’s favorite, the more potential people with whom you can play it.

Book and game emporium the Book Garden of Montpelier will be on the premises, vending and running a Magic: the Gathering tournament. The Book Garden also kindly donated a $50 gift certificate as door prize for the day. Anyone who donates at the door  — the proceeds of which are split between Green Mountain Gamers and the Church of the Good Shepherd — gets to enter the drawing for the gift certificate. And with the Book Garden vending on site, the winner doesn’t even have to leave the gaming action to enjoy their prize.

Reminder: Carnage in Wonderland

Carnage comes to Vermont once more — Carnage the tabletop game convention that is. This Friday through Saturday, tabletop hobbyists from all over gather in Fairlee, Vermont for as much camaraderie and game-playing as they can pack into 72 hours. Your humble gaming correspondent will be there, of course, running games, helping around the registration desk and getting some new media action going.

In addition to the myriad board, role-playing, card and miniature games, Carnage hosts Dipcon 2011, the North American Diplomacy tournament. Every year, the convention hosts a Diplomacy tournament called the Carnage Accords, but this year the byzantine schemes step up a notch as some of the premier Diplomacy players on the continent vie for renown and control of western Europe.

Reminder: Fall-loha Game Day

This coming Saturday, the Green Mountain Gamers come to Underhill to hold their autumnal game day, Fall-loha. Hosted by the United Church of Underhill, Fall-loha allows tabletop game players from the Burlington area and beyond to meet up, socialize and have the opportunity to play lots of different games. Game days also provide the opportunity for people curious about the tabletop game hobby to leap in and sample a wide variety of styles and options.

Fall-loha runs from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on August 27th at the United Church of Underhill. Donations at the door are accepted. Donors may enter a raffle to win gift certificates donated by Quarterstaff Games of Burlington.

Carnage Game Convention Seeks Submissions

Illustration by John Tenniel.

Carnage, Vermont’s very own game convention, seeks the brave and the bold in the New England tabletop game community to run events at their upcoming November convention, themed after Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Hosting events from all across the spectrum of hobby games — board games, card games (collectible and otherwise), miniatures, role-playing and even LARP — Carnage is a great chance to sample whatever grabs one’s fancy. As for game moderators, or GMs, it allows them to show off games they want to teach to others. There’s no feeling quite like demonstrating a game to a newcomer, only to watch them immediately rush off to the dealer’s room afterward to purchase a copy of their own.

Submissions received by the end of July get in the convention book, which is mailed out to previous attendees and circulated among regional game stores. If you’re interested in sharing your favorite game or exercising your adventure-running muscles, this is your moment to do so and meet fellow hobbyists from all over New England.

P.S. As a Carnage staffer I’ll be there all weekend. Would any Geek Mountain State readers be interested in a meet-up?

Tabletop Gaming Around Vermont

Andrew does a fine job rounding up the day’s geekiness every morning. Now and again, tabletop gaming deserves a chance to shine on its own.


The Gamers Grotto supplies games and a space to play them. Their online calendar shows miniatures, Magic: The Gathering and role-playing games happening on a weekly basis.

Also, Der Chelonian Mobile chronicles the mishaps of a Spelljammer role-playing game based out of a local Bennington pub.


The center of the public tabletop scene in Burlington is Quarterstaff Games, Vermont’s oldest friendly local game store. Open seven days a week, Quarterstaff hosts in-store gaming every one of those days. Survey their Google calendar for the full spread.

Online, in addition to Quarterstaff’s own forums, Pathfinder fans will do well to check out the Northern Vermont Pathfinder Society group, as well.

Derby Line

Border Board Games hosts a monthly Saturday game night at the Derby Line village hall. Further, they’re also currently hosting two — two — role-playing campaigns: Dungeons & Dragons and Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying.


Infrequent, yet assuredly periodic is Carnage, a weekend game convention held at the Lake Morey Resort in the Upper Valley.


Hosted in a private home, but open to comers via Meetup.com is Waterbury Board Games. Euro board games are their preferred choice: Settlers of Catan, Power Grid and that sort.

Vermont in General

Gamers in Vermont have a couple general resources, as well. Northern New England Gamers is a Yahoo! mailing list that includes a healthy number of members residing in Vermont. Green Mountain Gamers is a social network as well as the entity behind quarterly game days all over the state.

Outside Vermont

Albany, New York

Zombie Planet hosts weekly in-store gaming, as well as the biannual Albany Gamedays.

Schenectady, New York

The Schenectady Wargamers Association‘s monthly gameathons host role-playing and all board games, not just the wargame variety. The SWA also puts on the Columbus Day weekend game convention Council of Five Nations.

West Lebanon, New Hampshire

Serving the upper Connecticut River valley is Triple Play, a game and comic shop in West Lebanon. They have events most nights of the week, with regular board games on Wednesday nights and the first Sunday going to “Ameritrash.”

The Last Days of Langdon Street

Angelica-music.com has an interview with Ben Matchstick, former man of many talents for Langdon Street Cafe, discussing the establishment’s creation, mission and its final days. Ben says:

The financial end was constantly struggling to break even, trying to do a casual environment where people didn’t feel obliged to buy a big meal. They could have a cup of coffee, hang out.

That welcoming atmosphere was one of the things I liked best about Langdon Street. I never really fell into any of the many wheelhouses of music they boasted, but I always knew the cafe was a place I could stop in while passing through Montpelier, rely on as a meeting place or if I wanted to retreat somewhere with a pencil and notebook. And, of course, I played a lot of games there in celebration of Geek Week and other spontaneous game nights.

Thank you, Ben and Meg, for six and a half years!